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  This is me in a familiar role, that of taking part in a charity fundraiser and raising money for those less fortunate than myself. Contrary to popular opinion, the girls in the background are NOT members of my fan club, or rather weren't at the time the picture was taken. Quite possibly they are now fully paid up members. It's hard to keep track, as I'm sure you can imagine.


I was born in Purley, near Croydon, a few miles south of London, England, and lived in Kenley and Caterham in Surrey, before moving to the United States in 1992. My education was the fault of Reedham Park Preparatory School in Purley, and Trinity School of John Whitgift in Croydon. At 18, I left school and started working for the National Westminster Bank in Oxted and later Wallington for three years before I entered the (then) new and exciting world of computers. From 1992 until 1999, I lived in the wonderful college town of Fayetteville in Arkansas. Following a short stay in Euless, near Dallas, Texas, I moved to sunny southern California. For almost two and a half years, I lived  in Orange County, in the city of Fountain Valley and in early 2003 moved south to Carlsbad, in San Diego County. It's nice here. The beach is just four blocks from my door, and there's something rather pleasant about waking up just about every morning to clear skies.

I have always enjoyed a variety of sports, both as a participant and as a spectator, and as a result of my wanderings I have became a keen follower of many sports teams, both of the English and of the United States variety. Crystal Palace Football Club were, and remain, my first love, and I still follow the English football scene closely, but since emigrating I have also become an enthusiastic follower of the Arkansas Razorbacks and of the Dallas Stars hockey club, the first southern team to win the Stanley Cup (in 1999), and finalists in 2000. They have also won their division for five of the last six seasons. I also have a fondness for the Philadelphia Flyers unless they are playing the Stars, which doesn't happen too often. I am also a follower, more than a fan, of the Surrey County Cricket Club, and have passing interests in the World Series Champions Anaheim Angels and the Dallas Mavericks. As for professional football of the American variety, possibly one of the most misleadingly named sports, I am a San Diego Chargers fan, along with anyone who is playing against the Dallas Cowboys. I also enjoy running and cycling, and have ridden professionally, though if the whole story be told, some might say that this statement is slightly misleading. I don't enjoy swimming, but have committed to race in a Triathlon at Pacific Grove, Monterrey Bay, California in September 2003.

I have enough Italian ancestry to give me a good enough excuse to follow the fortunes of Italy in international football in the event that England are not performing to par, or have already been eliminated from whatever competition is in progress at any given time. I might mention here that it is not just any old blood coursing through my veins, rather, it is noble Italian blood. My maternal grandmother was born a Cassini, reputedly in the lineage of the great astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini who was born in 1625. You must have heard of him. If you haven't, then you should be ashamed of yourself. He was the first person to discover that there were gaps, or divisions, between the rings around Saturn, and he immediately set about filling them in. He also discovered a few moons, fathered a few children, and by all accounts was pretty chummy with the Pope, and I have a page dedicated to this genius of a man, a man with whom I have a lot in common. Well, maybe just in that I have some great kids. You would be able to take a look at them too if my daughter Amy would give permission. She is without doubt, the prettiest girl on the planet, and I am not saying that because I am biased. She does cheer-leading, and is a delight. I also have two devastatingly handsome boys, the elder, Lee, being a bit of a whiz as an MC, and who has recently recorded his first CD, the other, Alex, being more than a bit of a star on the soccer field and cross-country course. Watch out for him in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He plays for the Chipstead under 12 team, and they are in the Cup Final on Sunday 27th April, 2003.  

Aside from sports and astronomy, I have many other interests including the collecting of old postcards from England, (mainly from the beautifully scenic North Devon and Cornwall areas of south-west England), going to the movies, messing about on eBay, trading stocks and finance and I have a page with some ideas and suggestions that I have found to be of use over the years. I like to write, and have been published in two English newspaper, the Berrynarbor Newsletter and in Runner Triathlete News here in the US. I like to keep up with current affairs, specially politics, even though I do not yet have a vote here in the United States. Not that it matters much, because it appears that I live in a country where the popular vote is ignored, and the President is appointed by the Supreme Court. Hmmm. The Electoral College is an anachronism and a relic from the past. 

I like to travel, and I am always ready for an intelligent discussion about anything from any of the above to religion, circumcision, history, geography, governmental drug policy, the death penalty, terrorism, human rights abuses in the USA and much more. However, as a warning I should perhaps point out that I have been described as an arrogant and opinionated bastard, but I think I take that as a compliment, though I'm not sure that it was meant as one. Besides, it's not my fault that I'm a typical Arien! I know you're wondering, so it's March 22nd if you would like to send me a small, or large, gift. Money gladly accepted through PayPal for your convenience. Perhaps I should also mention that I was born in the Chinese year of the Cock, though I believe that in polite company, it is called the year of the Rooster.   


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